Şenol Ağaç - Climate protection through tap water
Meet The ChangemakersSeptember 06, 2022x
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Şenol Ağaç - Climate protection through tap water

My guest is Şenol Ağaç, founder of Zerobottle. Şenol has been an independent consultant in the drinking water industry since 2016. While living in Paris and working internationally, Şenol was amazed to discover that in countries like France, Austria, and the Netherlands, most people drink from the tap; in Germany people stick to the mass use of bottled water. 

Through his continued work, he recognized the huge environmental impact of switching to tap water. Also the quality of water as a protected food, the convenience of immediate availability, and the extremely low cost of 0.2 Euro Cents per liter on average are unbeatable arguments for its enjoyment.

In 2022, Şenol founded the environmental movement - Zerobottle. The issue of switching from bottled to tap water has become even more critical given inflation (which also affects bottled water) and independence from Russian fossil fuels (which are also used in the production and transport of bottled water). Not to speak of the hot weather periods we’re experiencing as a result of climate change. The solution is tap water!

Şenol's vision for Germany: One day you will walk through everyday life with a refill bottle and refill everywhere instead buying water in single-use plastic bottles.