Ryan J. Kemp - Cultivating Regenerative Leadership
Meet The ChangemakersFebruary 15, 2022x
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Ryan J. Kemp - Cultivating Regenerative Leadership

My guest is Ryan J. Kemp, a regenerative and sustainable business consultant and guide, author and speaker. Since graduating cum laude in finance from Northeastern University in Boston, Ryan has worked in and traveled to over 45 countries learning from cultural elders about ways of seeing and being in the world, working on solutions to some of the world’s largest issues, writing about it through poetry and prose and speaking on various podcasts and summits.

Some of Ryan’s past work includes consulting with the Prime Minister of Cameroon, H.E. Philémon Yang, to implement rural infrastructure initiatives using non-toxic and non-degenerative materials to assist farming communities in cutting down on food spoilage, collaborating with the Minister of Energy in Myanmar working towards renewable energy independence while replanting mangrove forests on the Bay of Bengal - and living and working on intentional communities and permaculture farms throughout Hawai’i, the Caribbean, and Central America assisting movements in food security and sovereignty.

He is a member of the Sustainable Change Research Network, the International Alliance for Localization, the Doughnut Economics Research Lab, and he is a certified 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga teacher, an Ayurvedic practitioner, a published author and poet. He also is a graduate of the altMBA and has created up-leveling practices inspired from that program into his work with businesses and individuals.

Connect with Ryan on his personal website, on Pueo Consulting, or on LinkedIn

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