Manuel Kreitmeir - From Social Entrepreneur to Systems Entrepreneur
Meet The ChangemakersAugust 16, 2022x
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Manuel Kreitmeir - From Social Entrepreneur to Systems Entrepreneur

My guest is Manuel Kreitmeir who is a Social Entrepreneur and 'Third Culture Kid' with a background as a second-generation tea and spice farmer in Sri Lanka. He created Ohana Social Enterprise, which delivers coffee and tea from family-owned farms to purpose-driven companies, offices and coworking spaces.

He is a Facilitator and Thought Leader for Social Innovation. He worked as a Policy Advisor for the UN and European Commission for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Economy.

He co- founded the Digital Social Innovation Lab - Germany's first digital University incubator. At the Mannheim Business School, Manuel is also a Lecturer in the Master in Sustainability & Impact Management.

He leads systems change as the co-founder and director at the Center for Open Social Innovation, or COSI, in Heidelberg, Germany. Connect with Manuel on LinkedIn

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